Nicole Higginbotham

VP of Operations, Compliance Coordinator

NextHome South Pointe

About Nicole Higginbotham

Meet Nicole, our invaluable Transaction Coordinator turned VP of Operations at NextHome South Pointe. Since joining our team, she has seamlessly woven her expertise into the fabric of our operations, filling in wherever needed with her unique perspective from experience at other brokerages.

With a background spanning over 13 years as an entrepreneur, Nicole brings a strategic mindset centered around utilizing tools and processes to maximize efficiency. Her mission at NextHome South Pointe is clear: to empower our sales associates by handling back-office transaction work and crafting innovative tools that pave the way for their success.

As Nicole's business strengths shined over the past two years, she ascended to Vice President of Operations starting in 2024. Her commitment to freeing up time for our sales associates allows them to focus on what they do best—building relationships and closing deals.
Nicole's approach is rooted in simplifying complexities; if there's a more efficient way to accomplish something, she's determined to find it. Beyond her business acumen, Nicole is driven by a genuine passion for witnessing the success of others, tailored to their unique definitions of achievement.

Her positive energy and quirky personality infuse joy into every interaction, making her a beloved presence at NextHome South Pointe. Don't be fooled by the laughter and smiles, though—Nicole is all in when it comes to business, ensuring that our team operates at its highest potential.

Join us in celebrating Nicole, the driving force behind our efficient transactions, the architect of tools that propel our sales associates toward unparalleled success, and now, the dynamic Vice President of Operations leading our team into a future of continued excellence.

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